CDNS dates back to 1996, starting as Beck Web Servers & Design and incorporating as Canadian Domain Name Services Inc. in the year 2000. CDNS decided to focus on domain name registration in conjunction with web,email and dns hosting and scaled back its design business. CDNS was one of the first domain name Registrars to be certified as a Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA) Certified Registrar for .ca domain names in the year 2000 when the Canadian government created CIRA as the Non-profit corporation tasked with the job of managing Canada's .ca domain name registry infrastructure. As a Registration Service Provider for TUCOWS, CDNS also provides domain name registration services for the Global Top Level Domain system (gTLDs), operating the gTLD side of its business from the sister site at https://InstantDomainRegistration.com, where customers can purchase and manage .com, .net, .biz, .info, .org and a myriad of new gTLD domain names. All domain name registrations are provided with free DNS service if required, and free URL forwarding.

CDNS's hosting business has been built on service to our customers and is competitively priced. Support staff often go the extra mile (kilometer :-)) to help clients out. CDNS Email Only Hosting packages offer industry best pricing and robust service.

Yes, you will find CIRA Certified Registrars with cheaper prices, and many more with higher prices, but one needs to consider what kind of service the are going to be able to provide in the LONG TERM, when Registrars pay the same fee to CIRA, or even how long they'll survive under those conditions. Many of these companies attach automatic renewal to any services you subscribe to, so that it is cumbersome to leave or cancel your service. CADNS.CA does not store your credit card information in our databases. Therefore there is no service to worry about cancelling payment for, and peace of mind for you, knowing that credit card informatin is not stored in a database at CDNS.

We feel that our price has been set fairly. We have never operated any of our business units with the mind set of gouging customers when an opportunity arises that could be exploited. We, on the other hand, believe in a fair price for good service and longevity. The Domain Name Registration business requires both labour and equipment infrastructure. Without an adequate profit margin to allow for purchase, maintenance, and security, business would not be sustainable.

We hope that you'll be able to recognize this and that you can count on Canadian Domain Name Services Inc. if you ever have a problem. That's important. When we get new hosting clients that transfer from other hosting companies, they often say,

"I couldn't believe you responded to my support message, and fixed my problem, the same day. My old hosting company would take a week, if I got a response at all!"