To Be Released .CA Domain Names

Because of increased labour costs to operate under CIRA's TBR system, Canadian Domain Name Services charges a non-refundable but deductible fee of $1 per domain to pre-order a TBR domain name.

You must check the box to agree to signify that you agree to this fee, that you have read and understand how the TBR registration system works, and that you agree to Canadian Domain Name Services charging your card for the balance of the registration fee upon successfully registering the domain name. There is no guarantee we will get the domain name you pre-book, as other CIRA registrars could potentially be trying to get the same domain name at the same time it is released.

I AGREE to these fees and understand the TBR process.

We allow the ordering of TBR domains up until 2:00pm EDT on the date it is to be released.

To Be Released

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