.ca is Canada's Domain Name - Why you should register a .ca domain

Why register a .ca domain name? Canadians prefer to shop online with retailers and merchants who are Canadian. Since CIRA, the Canadian Internet Registration Authority, reserves the .ca domain name space for Canadians with a Canadian presence, such as Canadian Citizens, Permanent Canadian Residents, Canadian Organizations, or Canadian Corporations, to name a few, we can reasonably determine that we are dealing with fellow Canadians.

Canadian Domain Name Services Inc. has been a CIRA Certified Registrar for .ca domain names since CIRA began in 2000, and we want to continue to bring .ca domain names to you to help you in establishing your internet presence by registering a .ca domain name. So start your search for your perfect .ca domain name and click here to start registering your .ca today!

The .ca domain name space is growing faster and faster. It's becoming harder to obtain that sought after domain name, as .ca domain names become more popular. If you're a parent, what better gift could you give your child than to register a .ca domain name for them, something like mychildsfirstnamelastname.ca! It would ensure their web presence should they go into a profession and identify themselves by their names. Even if they don't go into a profession where they identify themselves by their name, just being able to link their domain name to their blog or website, is a bonus in itself. Many people never give thought to this type of domain name -- why don't you?

Why Register your .ca domain with CADNS.CA?